14 Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit

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14 Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit - Enjoy the Video
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Regardless of how important or how rich you think you are, there are some places where you will find hard getting through the door, simply because you do not have the membership, the security clearance, or the skills to make it through to the other side. Some restrictions are there for a very good reason, whereas others are just there for no reason at all. Regardless, there is little you can do to gain access through the doors that we so curiously crave to enter. Although there are countless places that you are not allowed to visit on this planet, here are 14 places that most of us wish we could get an opportunity to visit but can’t:

The Coca-Cola Recipe Vault – Georgia, USA, Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Norway, Mount Weather – Virginia, USA, Woomera Prohibited Area – Australia, Javari Reserve – Brazil, Area 51 – Nevada, USA, North Sentinel Island – Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal, Disneyland’s Club 33 – New Orleans, USA, White’s Gentleman Club – England, Room 39 – Pyongyang, North Korea, Mezhgorye – Bashkortostan, Russia, Surtsey – Iceland, Pine Gap – Australia, Pripyat – Ukraine, Snake Island – Brazil

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